Policy Statement

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  • Actively strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace and also prevent risk of injuries, occupational illness and property damage.
  • Take protective measures to minimize any environmental impacts and conserve all kind of resources.
  • Ensure that all the legal regulations and other requirements are adhered to and the best work methods are practiced.
  • Meet the requirements for an emergency response plan.
  • Provide the necessary resources to adequately train the employees in enhancing their knowledge and performance.
  • Ensure continual improvement on Safety, Health and Environment management and implementation.
  • Ensure all the employees, sub-contractors and suppliers adhere to this policy statement at all times.
  • To achieve an excellent in Safety, Health & Environmental protection in all our activities at works and services required.
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    As a leading contractor works in CRITICAL BUSINESS AREA, we apply significant effort in managing our Environment, Health and Safety risk, care about Drug and Alcohol as well as Quality part to achieve our goals and committed

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  • All employees shall be free from influence of alcohol or any controller substance during the discharge of their duties
  • All employees shall not use, possess, distribute or sell alcohol beverages, illicit drug or un-prescribed controlled drugs, drug paraphernalia, or misuse legitimate prescription drugs while performing work in the group’s preemies.
  • No individual shall be accepted for employment in any Geo Strategic services of premises if he/she refuses to alcohol/drug test or tested positive form such tests.
  • Reserves the right to conduct searches on employees suspected of abusing drugs or alcohol, in the presence of authorized personnel. The right to conduct searches cover the suspected employee’s possessions, vehicles and agents located in the premises owned or controlled by GEO
  • Shall provide a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program based in its policy or as enforced by its respective clients. All testing shall be done by approved and certified laboratories under a recognized certifications programs
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  • Fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers, improving customer
  • Monitor and review our service provision and processes, identifying potential errors and implementing the necessary actions to eliminate them.
  • Achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence in the operation of our business.
  • Maintaining our reputation for honesty and integrity and ensuring that this is reflected throughout the organization.
  • Ensuring that our quality management system provides a framework for the
    management and control of our activities for Quality, Environment and Health &
    Safety. It also assists in establishing and reviewing strategic objectives for the company.
  • Continually monitoring and reviewing our Quality Policy to ensure that it remains
    relevant and effective to the changing needs of our customers.
  • Continuous appraisal of our business to ensure that the quality of service we provide fully and consistently meets our customers’ expectations and all current and impending legislative requirements.
  • The effectiveness of our quality system is monitored by planned audits, management reviews and customer satisfaction surveys to ensure quality service delivery.


Muhammad Jafri Bin Jusoh
Managing Director,
GEO Strategic (M) Sdn Bhd
B.Eng. Mech. (UKM)/MCTS Certified)
Date: 16 June 2015